What the crap is “Stoke”

There is not a good way to describe “Stoke” for everyone.  It is different things for different people.  Some describe it as the feeling associated with it.  Some describe it by just looking at you, something burning deep in there eyes.

Stoke, is excitement for all aspects of whatever it is you do.  Stoke is a burning desire to do.  You can’t help yourself, there is nothing but a desire, a passion, a raw sometimes overwhelming feeling starting from the pit of you stomach until your hole body tingles with every emotion you can think of.  All at once.

Stoke for me is an empty parking lot, with a smooth no rocky finish.  It is cranking down a hill going so much faster that you planned on going, but your body and mind won’t let you get off.  You are so focused that the danger, the risk doesn’t even exist.  All you do is breath and enjoy the moment.  Stoke is a gentle stretch of road, no end in sight or just around the corner that only goes for a couple blocks.  It is endless session in the freezing cold, blistering heat or any weather in between.  It is by myself or with thousands of other individuals feeling the exact same despite different motivations.  It is a fresh deck with the sweetest trucks, or an old style board that has taken it’s share of licks.

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