Stoke Clinic

The Mission.

We host the Stoke Clinics in order to not only provide instruction on the basics of skateboarding, but to also introduce riders to the greater skate community.  We feel it is our duty to foster an environment that makes all feel welcome and therefore allow the individual to leave with sound advice, and instruction for their needs and desires.

There is nothing worse than someone picking up a board, and never taking the opportunity to experience the freedom that skating can provide.  Skating with friends is at the core of why we do what we do, and by teaching the basics, and introducing the rider to the greater community, and having a platform that we can discuss, show, learn, and grow techniques for the advancement of our community we can only grow our scene and provide more rad friends to skate with.

People get hurt all the time.  It is a part of the game, but by providing this environment we can keep needless injuries down.  We can teach you how to push your limits safely so that you can go and explore all of the wonderful terrain that we have to offer locally.  Then the freedom that we desire is within reach.

What you will learn.

We start at the very beginning.  How to stand on your board.

Then depending on the individual riders aptitude, current skill, desired skill, and physical ability we begin to cover:

  • Speed Control
    • Foot Breaking
    • Carving
    • Beginning Slides
  • Stability
    • Body Position
    • Foot Placement
    • Basic Form
  • Specific Styles
    • Downhill
    • Long Distance Push
    • General cruising/Commuting
    • Free Ride
    • Dance

Several of our Crew riders also come out and help people with more advanced techniques like Pre-Drifting, advance sliding, stand up slides, down hill racing, pack runs, and really just about everything else.

We bring out our shop completes provided by members of the community, the shop, and Loaded Longboards so that we are able to discuss and let you feel the difference that board selection and set up can make in your riding.

If you have questions about your set up, bring it so we can see how you move on it.  From there we can determine if you need any adjustments and what that might entail, but then we can also let you stand on similar board styles so you can feel the difference.

Who Should Come?

We encourage anyone that is wanting to develop their skills on a board to attend.  Never stood on a board before, no problem, that is where we start.  We have instructed 6 years old to 56 years old.  Boys, girls, young, old, missing limbs, missing their moms.

Are the bee’s knees of long boarding?  Come out, work on stuff with our Crew riders, who also come out to work on their skills.

If you want to meet the community at large, this is also a perfect place to come out and meet people.  Kansas City is home to one of the largest longboard specific communities around.  We have over 1,000 riders all across the metro.

New to town?  Sweet! Kessler Park is one of the best places around to skate, meet people, and ride.  It is also a great kick off point for sessions that happen after the Stoke Clinics when people are warmed up and ready to ride some more.  Snake Path, Section 8, Garages, Water Works and much more are typically skated afterwards.  So if you want to know the places to go, Stoke Clinics get you introduced to the people who can show you what is up.

How do we do all this?

We have worked with Loaded/Orangatang to provide several boards and wheels.  The Shralpers Union‘s local 816 chapter holds several fund-raisers throughout the year to raise money to help us pay for helmets, trucks, bearings, and eventually gloves.  Mainly though, all of this is funded, supported, and grown from our local community coming into the shop and getting their gear from us.  Our mission as a shop is to grow and develop our skate community and that can only be done with support from the people in the community.  No shop, no clinics, no fun contests, no pro tours coming through, and worst of all the community can not be all that it can be.  If you don’t get your gear from us, you aren’t helping the community, and we can only do what we can with what we got.

When does it go down?

Every second Sunday.

10am-12pm Long Distance Push

This two-hour block of time is for those working to build themselves up for the Indian Creek Trail Push Series.  If you can do 3-4 laps (15-20 miles) in the two hour time, then the ICT Push Series is the next level.

This is also a good time to work on general fitness and technique for commuters and those that use their boards to get around town.

12pm-5pm  General Instruction

This is the majority and core part of our Stoke Clinics.  We teach you what you need to get rolling, stay rolling, and roll safely.

Where does it go down?

We meet at Gate 3 in Kessler Park.

The address we give people is technically the address for the Kansas City Museum, but that gets you to Gate 3.

3218 Gladstone Blvd. Kansas City, Mo 64123

As this address is for the top of the hill we have a rule to follow for all riders:


Please, Please, please, please if you are a beginner and do not know how to stop.  Walk down the road to the bottom of the hill.  What you can’t see from he top of the hill is the hairpin left turn lined with some really gnarly hewn limestone blocks.  These things hurt when you hit, and very typically if you ignore the rule, that is where you are going to end up.