King of Kessler

Kessler Park is one of our favorite places to skate.  The sessions are epic, the location is the star of the show for sure, and we wanted to put a Burning Spider Stoke Company stamp to show this gnarly lady off.  Our goal is nothing short of bringing the hardcore potential of this location to center stage.  Kessler Park will smack you around and make you her bitch if you don’t respect her, so this contest is our tribute to that.  Kessler Park is more than just a hill, it also has Cliff Drive running along it’s length.  A 2.5 mile stretch of glorious pavement with 41 feet of elevation gain and drop along its length, making this a premier place to push hard or take a nice roll with the family.  When we host noob sessions this is where we do it.

What does that actually mean?  How do we aim to show this off.

King of Kessler is a three part contest.  In order to be crowned king, or prince for the groms you must be the point total leader across all three segments.

Segment One: Cliff Drive Push Course (CDPC)  This will be a good old fashioned push race totaling 5 miles.  Racers will push from the starting line to one end of the course, back to the other, then back to the finish/start line.  The best racers have done this close to the 20 minute mark.  As it stands however, before us there has not been a push race on this course, it has all been individual times.

Segment Two: Scarritt Point.  This is the top portion of Kessler Park and what most people think of when they skate here.  It is where the last two segments take place. This segment is the Down Hill portion. After the push race, racers will be randomly put into heats.  The heats will vary depending on participation.  No less than two, no more than four per heat, however the brackets would work best to offer everyone a fare chance and keep it fun.

Segment Three: Scarritt Point Style Jam.  Riders will bring the steeze and style to the top portion of the hill.  Showing off what they have left after a day of rad skating.  The winner will be determined by the participants.  Each person skating the Scarritt Style portion of the contest will receive a piece of paper.  On this paper each person will get three votes.  They should vote for the rider with the best style and steeze.  They must vote for three different people, one of them can be for themselves.  The votes will be tallied at the end of the allotted time.  Placement will be determined by votes.

At the end of each segment point totals will be allotted to riders based on placement in that segment.

1st = 9 Points

2nd = 7 Points

3rd = 5 Points

4th = 3 Points

5th & below = 1 Point

Don’t participate in a segment because you are a pansy no points.

Ties in points will be settled in a longest slide shoot out.  After 30 minutes of attempts the King will be rider with the longest stand up slide.  It can be heel side or toe side, your choice.  You have to make it long and roll out of it to count.  No hands can hit for it to count.

The King of Kessler will be crowned  at the end of all the segments to the point leader across all three segments.  The Prince of Kessler will be crowned the same way, but will be the 17 and under devision.  What about the ladies?  We chose not to do a segment only for the ladies.  They can shred just as hard as the dudes, and we think that having them off by themselves at a separate deal only keeps them from competing on even footing with the guys.  So a lady therefore can be crowned King/Queen as appropriate.

Some people will complain, we get it.  “But I don’t want to push.”  Cool you don’t have too, 0 points for you.  You want to be King you are going to earn it.  Kessler Park demands full respect for all her shades of shralptitude, and we aim to give it to her.

Burning Spider Stoke Company goes to contests and competes in all sections, so it is only fitting our premier contest reflects our passion for all parts of skate.  As this format continues to develop, and the scene develops we will add more segments and make the contest into the stoke fest that we see the potential for.

You Stoked Yet? YSY?


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