Indian Creek Trail Push Series

This is a 12 part, once a month push series.

The route is the main part of the Indian Creek Trail.  It stretches from Alex George Lake on the Missouri side all the way across 25.5 Miles of winding beautiful trail to Hampton Park on the Kansas side.

Starting January 1st we will be hosting a monthly push.

Skaters will have the option to either push 25.5 miles one way, finishing at Hampton Park, or push an additional 25.5 miles back to Alex George Lake for a 51 mile total push.

For those only wanting to do the 25.5 mile push we will have a shuttle car take you back to Alex George Lake, where you can wait for the people skating 51 miles while enjoying the scenery or take off.

At the end of the year we will have a celebration dinner complete with awards and the sharing of memories

The awards are going to be divided up based on how many miles you skated throughout the year.  We will be keeping track for you, with updates to the web page so you can see your progress as the year goes on.  So all you need to do is show up, skate, and have fun.

We divided things up to provide good plausible stretch goals through out the year.  There are currently three tribes.

300 Mile Tribe- If you push 12 months only doing the 25.5 mile push you will get into this group easily.

450 Mile Tribe- This breaks down to 6 x 25.5 Mile pushes and 6 x 51 Mile Pushes.

600 Mile Tribe- This is the current hardest Tribe to get into as you would have to push 12 x 51 Mile Pushes.

For each person in a Tribe we will have some pretty rad patches that we are designing right now, as well as some other goodies for notable accomplishments.  Such as:

Best 25.5 Mile Time

Best 51 Mile Time

Most Improved 25.5 Mile Time

Most Improved 51 Mile Time