The Things We Do

One of the most important things we do is to provide support to our community.  That support comes in several different forms.  From the latest gear, to advice on board set up.  From stewardship of our local skate spots, to developing regular skate events and challenges to help the people in the community develop their passion and deepen their enjoyment.

We have three events currently that are designed just for that thing.

King of Kessler-A annual early Spring race that kicks off the year by crowning the best over all skater from three disciplines.  Push, Down Hill, and Free Ride.  As Kessler Park develops, this event always has room for more goodness.

Stoke Clinic‘s- Once a month, on the second Sunday we get together with all the crew riders and teach, help, coach, and work on whatever skills people want to work on.  From beginner to expert everyone leaves these clinics with more knowledge and improved skills to take to whatever style of skating they want.

Indian Creek Trail Push Series– The Newest addition to our offerings is a monthly push on the first Sunday of each month.  You can push 25.5 miles or 51.  These are tracked throughout the year with a reward dinner in December.