Sweets Pro Max Norcross (Cushion)

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The Max Norcross Pro model Kendama from Sweets is oozing with style and little details that make it as fun to look at as play.


 Maple ken in the Sweets BOOST shape with Balance Bevel

5 custom prints cover the ken.

  • MN Logo
  • Taxi in the Big Cup
  • Unique QR code in the Small Cup
  • Broken Bat on the top of the big cup
  • Broken Arrow on the top 0f the small cup


Beech Tama

  • Cushion Clear
  • Black Metal flake base
  • 3 rings around the bevel to rep previous models
  • Floral pattern for the center stripe
  • Kanji around the string hole

Metal spinner bead

Sixfinger extra string

Norx sticker pack.