RT PivC Bear Vintage

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Sold as a pair with a sticker

There are two styles of Bear Pivot cups.  

 If it is time to replace or upgrade the Pivot Cups of your Bear Grizzly Trucks - please read carefully! 

Pivot Cup sizes are different depending on the generation of Bear Grizzly Trucks.  Generation 5 came out around 2014.  If your Trucks have '5.01' on the hanger (or if you have purchased them new from Landyachtz or a reputable Skate shop within the last 3 years) - your chances are good the Bear Grizzly 5.01 Pivot Cups are the proper size. If not you most likely have a generation 4 or earlier. 

The only sure way to be sure what cups you have is to measure the diameter of the cup with calipers.  Generation 5 will be about .70" (17.8mm) the other size (Vintage) will be .74" (18.8mm).  It seems like such a small difference, but it's enough of a difference that the Pivot Cup you order will either drop right in the hole, or there's no possible way you can fit it in the hole.

*** Riptide has found a handy trick for figuring out which Bear Trucks you have.  You need a U.S. Dime - remove the stock pivot cup and holding the dime between your thumb & finger, slide the dime into the pivot cup hole - if it slides in nice & snug and does not move, you have a Generation 5 Truck.  If the dime is loose in the hole and you can hear it rattle when you shake it, then you will need the Vintage Truck Pivot Cup.

Of course if you have any questions hit us up so we can help you get it figured out.