Paris V3 180mm, 43°

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Trucks are sold as a pair.

The new Paris Truck Co.  V3 reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks take all the features you love from the V2s and kicks it up five or six notches.  

A new alloy-forming process takes lessons learned from casting, forging, and extrusion results in a stronger truck than most other cast trucks on the market.  Another benefit of the new forming process is the ability to give the trucks a true T6 heat treatment, which gives it another level of added strength and durability.  

The axles have been upgraded to SCM440 Alloy Steel, and the kingpins are now  SCM435 Alloy Steel.

In order to harness all greatness that the fresh construction and components offer the stock bushings and pivots have also underwent some upgrades.  Bushings are now made with an improved 90a bushing formulation and 96a hand poured pivot cups.

The 43° trucks now have the same ride height as the 50°.  This gives you the added option of tuning your set up with a split degree truck angles without the need for risers.

If you like your Paris V2's then the Paris V3s are a must have.

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