McKinley Spiders

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Artist Casey McKinley of McKinley Illustration

 6" Tall

5"  Wide

If there was an artist from Missouri, who lives in Missouri, that has had his hands in most of the raddest art to not only to hang daily in the shop, but to immortalize the essence of each identity he captured.  His art is the core part of a local wine company.  He has art adorning skateboards, skate shops Missouri over, and more.    

These are made to be super durable, dishwasher safe, fade resistant material.  

Perfect for the bottom of your board.  

Heck you could darn near stick it anywhere.

Yup.  Water Bottle.  Car.  Van.  Bus.  You could put it on the backs of stop signs near your skate spots and tag us in your photos.  Tag McKinley Illustration.  

Where are these going?