KoMotion Footstop 95a

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Sold Individually with a 1.75" pan-head bolt, nut, washer, PSD sticker & a RipTide sticker.

New Cog-shaped Grooved FootStop, the KoMotion:

  • Super Lightweight: .25 oz / 7 gm
  • Diameter: 1.00" / 25.4 mm
  • Height:  .76" / 19.3 mm
  • The Krank 95a Urethane is durable yet easily conforms to fit your boards concave.


What are FootStops for?

FootStops are mounted on a deck so that a riders foot will not slide off the front of the board.

Why should I use a FootStop?

FootStops give you the same starting/balance point each time you skate.  Consistent foot placement and consistent balance and pressure on the rails of your deck result in increase rider confidence and constant application of skills.

Skate at night?  No need to see where your foot is, you can feel it.

Are your hills plagued with so much chunder that you vibrate right off your board?  Stop that foot, with a FootStop.

Which FootStop should I choose?

⦁ If you don't shift your foot much when you ride - choose a Concave Shape (In-Side, I/O Mini or use 2 KoMotions).

⦁ If you shift your foot when you ride - choose a Convex Shape (Aer-Out, Out-Side, I/O Mini or KoMotion).

⦁ If you haven't thought about it  - choose a FootStop with BOTH a Concave and a Convex surface (I/O Mini, or use 2 KoMotions).


More about PSD / RipTide FootStops.

⦁ They're designed by PSD Designs in the U.K. and are manufactured by RipTide in the U.S.A  

⦁ Designed to be able to withstand high impact hits so they won't fail if your board hits a guardrail, tree, rocks or the hay bales.