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Length:  38.4"

Width:  8.6"

Wheelbase: 28.25"

Profile: Cambered


Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs / 75-115+ kg
Flex 2: 75-200+ lbs / 35-90+ kg


The Icarus is the pinnacle of a carving boards performance and construction.  Vertically laminated bamboo, supportively enhanced with fiberglass, and a vibration dampening cork bottom, with the added bamboo biscuits make this board an asphalt Shralpers dream set up.  


The Unlimited Cruiser Complete

  • Built with the Unlimited Cruiser Kit.
  • Stiffer Flex 1 Icarus deck for increased e-skate stability. 
  • Low center of gravity (but don’t use it for dropping curbs).
  • Great range and easily upgradable.
  • Paris V3 180mm 50° Trucks. 
  • Custom Orangatang Nipple Bushing setup.