"Free Hands" Fingerless Gloves

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The glove designed for the daily user, city commuter, distance pusher, Kansas City style dancer.  

These gloves use an open finger design to allow you to:

  • Check your phone for directions
  • Tie your shoes
  • Zip or Unzip your pack
  • buckle or unbuckle your buckles
  • answer messages 

Made by a leather specific apparel manufacturer these gloves have all the right leather in the right places.  Perforated, soft backside leather keeps you cool.  Comfy yet durable leather on the palm.  A velcro leather patch for when you just need the palm protection and full use of your hands.

The two 3.675" super wide pucks that are included help to keep you exposed fingers off of the ground, while also still being thin enough to not hamper your dexterity unnecessarily.

The gloves do run a bit on the tighter side of fit, so they are not ideal for huge handed peoples.  However, if you have smaller to medium hands these feel perfect.

These come in a dark chocolate brown and black.

Two leather/velcro patches and two 3.675" wide .5" tall pucks are included.