E-Sk8 Tunnel Risers

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Sold individually w/4x 2" Truss head bolts, nuts, and a RipTide sticker.

  • Lightweight 1.3 oz / 36 gm
  • Length:  3.25" / 82.55 mm
  • Width:  2.25" / 57.16 mm
  • Height:  .55" / 14 mm
  • Conforms to fit the concave of your board
  • Made with super durable 60d Urethane
  • Under the truck mounting keeps wires and cords safe


The Tunnel Riser, from the brilliant minds at RipTide, are designed for E-Sk8 set ups for when you want to route wires underneath the trucks' baseplate.

They can also be used on other set ups if you want to run a cable lock under the trucks to lock your boards up to racks.

Make sure to check out the drawing specs to make sure that it will fit your build.