Clark Crochet Stash Shrooms

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These crocheted Stash Shrooms not only look rad, but the cap pulls up along the cord to reveal a pouch to put whatever you need hidden or just kept handy.  

You could put your bearing lube in there so it won't get crushed.  Extra washers, bushings, etc.

All Stash Shrooms are one of a kind, hand made pieces, created by Clark Crochet.  

The small Stash Shrooms are 2"-3 1/2" big, with a 1" wide Stash Stem

Medium Stash Shrooms are 4"-4 1/2" big, with a 2" wide Stash Stem--perfect size for smaller bearing lube bottles.

Large Stash Shrooms are 4 1/2"- 6" big, with a 3" wide Stash Stem