Christian Fraser Decade Batch 2 (Cushion)

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Batch 2 of Christian Frasers Decade Mod is the compliment to Batch 1.  The Batch 2 is specially constructed to have the perfect balance for those players looking to jam some juggling, ken flips, taps and gunslingers.



  • BOOST Shape (No balance bevel hole)
  • Full Maple Spike
  • Custom Sarado made of Beech, Maple, and Walnut.
  • Christian Fraser Decade engraving


  • Cushion Clear
  • Custom balanced laminate construction to reduce chipping
  • Beech at the bevel, with Cherry, Wenge, Cherry, Walnut at the top.  Giving the tama a coin flip balance feel.
  • Coffee bubble engraving on the bottom
  • Coffee colors and tracking elements hide the wood construction underneath.

Metal spinner bead

Mocha String

Extra Tan String

Custom Batch 2 Packaging

Custom Batch 2 stickers