How Do You Send Out a King?

So in case you haven’t noticed.  We do things a bit differently. We don’t have a super fancy flashy, please read into those particular labels as much as you want, website. We use a lot of words.  But, as it is on the web, so it is in the shop.  We love to talk skateboards. […]

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November!!! and YSY? Friday

Some may think that November would be a month in the Mid-West where maybe the skating scene would start hibernating.  Here in Kansas City at least, if it’s dry we are ripping. This month has already seen our monthly ICT Push Series go off.  We had more people participate in the push this month than […]

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Here we go

This will be a slightly different style of webpage for a skate shop.  You see..I am not a standard skate shop owner. This Blog will tell about our shop, our community that we built, and the people that are a part of it.  Join us for this ride.  I am going to learn some stuff […]

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