Where Does the Money Go?

Of course after laying this all out and talking about it I discovered this isn’t even all the things we are doing.  The organizations we support that build the community like Adaptive Skate Kollective, or Helmets In Hands are also a part of this.  We encourage and help other people with product or service ideas […]

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Much Love To All Those

You can only have one Grand Opening of a business. Yes, you can have re-openings, new management openings, I don’t know a bunch of different stuff that could warrant the title of “Grand Opening.”  That really isn’t our style though.  We think if you are going to do something, an it is going to be […]

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Can I tell you a Secret?

Do you know what stoke is?  Everyone has a different definition.  Let me tell you a little something.  Stoke is a feeling that you and I make.  Stoke is what we, it is what we make.    Everything we do in life is what we make it.  I am so very lucky to be here […]

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