Catching up!!

On the upside of being as slow as we currently are, we are getting a lot of stuff done!! “What is there to do?”, you may ask. The past three years since we have moved out of the garage and into our happy little corner on 39th Street has amassed such a huge amount of […]

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Where Does the Money Go?

Of course after laying this all out and talking about it I discovered this isn’t even all the things we are doing.  The organizations we support that build the community like Adaptive Skate Kollective, or Helmets In Hands are also a part of this.  We encourage and help other people with product or service ideas […]

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Letter to my competitors.

Stokemas! What a holiday. Here is some food for thought for all my small business friends and family out there. ” Competition. Internet business’s taking all my local business” It is really easy to look out a window and point out 50 different reasons why your business, why my business isn’t doing well for the […]

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