Weekend of Shralp!!!

So this weekend and the absolute fun to be had, has a several components that if experienced in their entirety should provide a really rad time, centered around skateboarding and our Kansas City community. Night One : April 21st.  6pm-9pm 3rd Friday Swap Meet A 3rd Friday tradition of ours is our Swap Meets in […]

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How Do You Send Out a King?

So in case you haven’t noticed.  We do things a bit differently. We don’t have a super fancy flashy, please read into those particular labels as much as you want, website. We use a lot of words.  But, as it is on the web, so it is in the shop.  We love to talk skateboards. […]

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Stoke Clinics

The Mission. We host the Stoke Clinics in order to not only provide instruction on the basics of skateboarding, but to also introduce riders to the greater skate community.  We feel it is our duty to foster an environment that makes all feel welcome and therefore allow the individual to leave with sound advice, and […]

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November!!! and YSY? Friday

Some may think that November would be a month in the Mid-West where maybe the skating scene would start hibernating.  Here in Kansas City at least, if it’s dry we are ripping. This month has already seen our monthly ICT Push Series go off.  We had more people participate in the push this month than […]

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Knob Noster Knasty

    The Knob Noster Knasty is a route stretching 69 miles from the shop to Knob Noster State Park. We camp out, then push back to the shop the next day. This year we pushed 117 miles over the two days. Riders navigated along the shoulders of 50 Highway, dodging road kill, and moving […]

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Green Skate 2016

Green Skate 2016 Green Skate’s mission is a simple one. “Celebrate and encourage the low impact of longboarding on our environment as an eco-efficient form of travel and recreation” As simple as it may seem it is a mission that is becoming more and more critical as the world around us becomes more and more […]

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King of Kessler 3

  A Multidiscipline Contest This year, King of Kessler took place on April 23rd.  The weather was a brilliant 80 degrees, light wind, blue skies, and sun shine.  Registration started at 9am.  Headed up by a rad team of ladies who set up the back bone of how we keep score, and determine who the […]

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