Caguama, 85mm

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Diameter: 85mm

Width: 58.5mm

Contact Patch: 56mm

Durometers: 80a, 83a

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Happy Thane

Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane

Weight (per wheel): 9.6 oz / 270 g

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.

These sexy 85mm wheels share two things with it's main namesake.  It's huge, and the 3-dimensionally faceted outer face of the wheel looks a lot like the back of a turtle.  Beyond that these wheels are in a league all their own.  

The hight of the wheel harnesses the power from your kicks, pumps, or E-board motor for maximum roll speed and efficiency.  

The 56mm contact patch offers just the right amount of grip, while adding in a beveled lip to keep the wheels from catching on the edges of pavement or cracks.

All 85mm of the Happy Thane 

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