That time of year.

Posted by Joe B on Oct 16th 2018

It is that time of year again.  No, not Christmas, although that is only a few short weeks away, it is the time of year where we pack up and head to New York City for the annual Broadway Bomb.  Starting Wednesday (10/17/18) we will be closed until Wednesday (10/24/18).  We won't be available in the store or online, so any orders done in between will be shipped off once we get back.

What is the Broadway Bomb, and why does it matter for a bunch of kids from Kansas City to go?  The Broadway Bomb is the world's oldest outlaw skateboard race through the middle of Manhattan.  It is a tradition that started well over 20 years ago with a handful of local skaters wanting to see who could get to the Charging Bull at Bowling Green the fastest.  Since then the event has become more than a race.  It has become a gathering place for people all around the world to come together and experience all that New York has to offer.  Or at least as much as a body could experience in one trip.  The whole city comes alive with skaters from all over the world.  There are several events thrown all around the city, in iconic spots, and places to skate.  These are hosted by locals for all that show up, so it is a super rad time.

Why do we have to go?  What compels us to stop our toiling and never ending instigation of Kansas City skateboard fun, pack up, and leave for a week.

Well there isn't just one reason.  

1) Shralpers Union- Ever since we were brought into the Shralpers Union (2013) going back to New York has been like coming home for a family reunion.  The connections we have built with the OG Shralpers Union guys and all of the members we have met since then keeps us dialed in on the vast world of brands who are all affiliated with the Union and the people that drive communities all across the world.  We get together and share what each of our chapters have been up to.  What we can do for the upcoming year.  As well as really getting to pick the brains and hearts of the rest of the Shralpers Union community builders so we can better serve our own local scene when we get back.

2) New York Skate culture is so self driven, well established with a rich history of peoples, and always provides insights as to a greater community of riders from all different backgrounds process of coming together.  These rad peoples live over board.  They use it to surf the city streets on the daily.  From people that have been commuting for decades, to the skate crews that have come up around the local parks, to the traffic surfing, fast distance pushing, goons that go from one side of the town to the other.  There is much to be learned from all of people we meet and hang out with.  This way older community is a great example of the possibilities that can be accomplished in our own small relatively new skate community.

3) It's going to sound like a cop-out, but it's the freaking Broadway Bomb.  Moving through the city with hundreds of other riders from all over the world, amongst pros, owners of companies, people you've never heard of, and people you may never see again is an experience that may be imitated in other cities, but will never be the same as New York.  We come back exhausted, but so charged up from the raw energy of the event that it keeps us stoked for at least another year.  

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Broadway Bomb 2017