One Step Closer

Posted by Joe B on Mar 30th 2018

Thank you all so much.  Thank you for keeping us going.  Thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for helping us get to this point.  

There exists in our Western culture a phrase that we hear a lot.  

"When you get there."  

This is typically used in reference to "making it" or "success".  As this is seems to permeate our consciousness from a very young age, describing our process may not initially make a whole lot of sense.  Even as we have now checked off a rung of the standard "Success" ladder, the forefront of our attention is on continuing to find ways to serve our community.

With out the people from the past 6 years investing their time, the attention, their faith, and their dollars, this site, this company, this movement would not be possible.  It is a raw testament to the power of investing in what you believe in, and in what you love.  Our intention is to honor this overwhelming show of faith and dedication by continuing our search for more effective ways to serve you, and now the rest of the United States as well.

We have a choice.  We can choose to opt out for the cheeper, faster, option. We can choose the longer, harder, more frustrating way.  As skateboarding has taught us, there is no shortcut to excellence.  It takes perseverance to discover what you are made of.  It takes faith in yourself to fail a hundred times and still get back over board to go for as many times as your body and mind can take until you get it right. We choose our focus, and by doing so we choose our reality.  We choose to build on what brings us together, not the countless ways we are different.  

These next few weeks we will be getting more and more from our inventory on this site.  So stay tuned for all the sweet gear uploads, most likely on a daily basis, until it all gets on here.  We have lot's in mind, and lot's we would like to accomplish.  However, as we are from the grand middle of everywhere Missouri, we would just as soon show you.  

Every day, in every way we thank you.  This is just one step closer.