May 2018- Yip Yip Ya!

Posted by Joe B on May 2nd 2018

Let's get this month started out right by keeping you guys up on all that is going down in and around the shop.  

The upload continues.

Each day we load a few more items from our current inventory onto the web page for the world to peep out.  

This month we are going to be getting in the latest from Street Plant with the Let's Go Battalion Yusuke Tsuge line of decks and shirts. We will be getting restocked on everything else we can get from their currently released line of products to so make sure to pay attention for that.  World wide release of May 10th!!  

We will be getting in the latest and greatest from Loaded, Orangatang and Paris Truck Company soon after that, and then we will be picking up a huge selection of everything that Seismic has to offer.  

From there it really depends on how the biz is rocking along.  We have our goals set for restocks on our Caliber, Blood Orange, and Prism gear as well as the latest and greatest from the rad dudes at DB Longboards, Rayne Longboards, and Atlas trucks.

Frequent restocks from our good friends at Pantheon Longboards and Riptide bushings will be getting loaded in as well.

Events around the Shop

Sunday May 6th we are hosting City Sessions, this month we will start at Riverfront Park and roam into the West Bottoms in search of new goodness, and fun.

Sunday May 13th is our monthly Stoke Clinic.  10am-12pm Push Practice for you LDP (Long Distance Push) folks.  This is a great place to start your distance skating journey.  12pm-5pm General Instruction.  What ever it is you are working on, or even if you just want to see what skateboarding is all about, we will be on hand with a pretty huge selection of decks for you to try and learn on.

June is a super busy month event wise so make sure you are keeping up on our events.

Thank you again for all your support and help in getting us this far.  You guys are proving what is possible when people support the communities they are a part of.  Much Love, Stay tuned, High Fives & Positive Vibes!! Shralp It!!