Bhangra V2 Deck

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Length: 48.5"

Width: 9.5"

Wheelbase: 32.75"


Flex <1: 130-300+ lbs / 60-136+ kg
Flex 2: 90-190+ lbs / 40-86+ kg

Made to dance!  A spacious platform offers a stage for all the dance moves your heart desires, while still retaining the nimbleness for more advanced freestyle tricks and sexy slides. 

The NEW Bhangra V2 features updated construction using basalt and bio-epoxy construction for lighter weight, higher strength, a new damp flex, and continued focus on eco-friendly construction. Bio-based Super Sap epoxy uses tree sap to replace much of its petroleum content, and basalt fabric requires less processing than fiberglass because it was already processed by a volcano.