Burning Spider Stoke Company, LLC.  Started as an idea.  When we first began Kansas City & Springfield were cities that had several splintered groups of long boarders spread far and wide.  No one single thing to get everyone together.  I knew that once we got things kickstarted, got people together to skate things would get huge.  So my lifelong friend (Billy “Spider” Angus) and I started the Burning Spider group on Facebook.  It is a place where people can post sessions and stuff and just get together and skate.

As the scene got bigger, more and more people joined up more and more people started skating it occurred to us that it really sucked not having a skate shop that we could even get the proper size grip tape from.  The local shops in town even the “corporate” mall shops just looked at you all funny when you tried to buy anything long board related. Enough, we had to start our own shop.

I am a firm believer in the universal law of giving.  If you put out and give everything you have into something the universe will reciprocate.  If you believe in the people that are just as much a part of a community as you are, and you build something for them it can not fail.  We have a rocking sweet group of guys and gals in both our towns, and I can not wait to get this shop up and rocking to see what we can build with it.  I see so clearly in my head events, and I can feel that feeling of going out with my friends from all different walks of life, all fueled by this “Stoke”.

So what does Burning Spider Stoke Company mean?  It is our mission to get you excited about long boarding, help you get the gear you need to get you started, and have the resources available to keep you excited about this passion of ours.  It means exactly what it says.  We want to get you stoked.

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