About Us

You may or may not have noticed we do things a little different than a lot of other shops out there.   Where some shops are content to send you off with a generic complete, we want to teach you why you would want to put anything on your board.  We are fascinated by the endless combinations of Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, and Grip tape, and seek to teach our customers how they can use that knowledge to build set ups tailored to the riders needs.  We seek to understand the reason behind every concave, and what that does to effect the feel of a set up. How a rider can use that to move through our cities and surrounding environment as safely as possible.

The biggest reason for the difference in the way we do things is that we aren't just an online retailer owned by a faceless corporation.  We are a local shop, whose first priority is making sure we stock the gear best suited for the wide variety of skateboard styles that Kansas City and surrounding area have to offer.  We started in our garage in 2012, and since then have built our inventory to cover the very best balance of quality verses price that we can find.  We have sought out distinguished brands whose story mirrors our own. Owned by skaters who have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to the growth and development of our all inclusive communities.  We don't carry everything, we probably won't ever carry everything.   

We started as a group of skaters looking for more people to skate with.  As our group grew into a community we knew it was time to step up and open a store that caters to the specific needs that longboards need.  We discovered things that went on in our industry that we were not stoked on, and vowed to be a source of information based on facts, not sales gimmicks.   Our aim is nothing short of a modern day utopia.  With a heavy emphasis on sustainability both for the community and the brands we bring in to serve it.

Every second Sunday we put on a free Stoke Clinic.  For this we have partnered with Shralpers Union, Loaded, Orangatang, RipTide, and also with the support of several generous community members to host the very best way to get started on your longboard skateboard journey.  We also have a hand in organizing a local monthly distance push, 

If you are ever in Kansas City, Mo please drop by the shop and say howdy.  Give yourself time for a session, or at least to talk skateboards.