2018. A New Year.

To say that 2017 was a bed of roses would only be accurate if the roses that comprised that bed all had five-inch razor-sharp thorns.  It is a good thing we are a pretty devout group of skaters, as any other ideological type of people would run away to which ever parental or authority figure offers their tears the support that it deserves.  As skaters however bumps in the road, rocks in the road, sometimes even lack of road doesn’t stop us.  If anything it teaches us what we can do better.  Troubles let us know exactly where we are at, and how much stronger we can be.

As we roll into 2018 with the bruises and lessons of 2017 still fresh in our minds and hearts we look forward to putting urethane to pavement, ideas to fruition, and minds to work.  We are set to challenge what we know, and are ready to grow.  More than fancy words and rad ways of saying all the cool stuff we plan on doing, 2018 is a Missouri type of year.  This will most likely be the last post talking about what we are going to do, 2018 is all about showing you.

We are kicking off 2018 with a brand new McKinley Spider.  Casey McKinley once again delivers a another  unique take on our Burning Spider. There will be a full run of shirts, hoodies, and wind breakers before Valentines day that will be available in the shop.


We have more stuff in the works with McKinley Illustration so stay tuned.

The next big thing we are doing for 2018 is re-working our web page.  Yes!! Soon you will be able to shop right from the web page.  Yes indeed, soon enough our little web shall be on the web so you can  get equipped no matter where in the world you are.

2018 also has a slight change-up in our monthly activities as well.

Stoke Clinics are still a go, every second Sunday, just like the past three years.  If you where to click on the link you will notice that the Stoke Clinics now start at 10am.  From 10am to 12pm we are officially offering additional training for those wanting to start pushing their skateboards long distance.  The Cliff Drive Push Course is a hair over 5 miles of fairly flat pushing to help you get built up to the next level of your pushing abilities.  12pm to 5pm is still general instruction.  From beginner to expert we cover what you want to know, and challenge you to grow.

First Sundays are now the home of a new idea we have been brewing.  We introduce to you City Sessions.  If Stoke Clinics are a level one type of event, then City Sessions are a solid level two.  These will take place all around Kansas City and the surrounding suburbs.  The idea behind this event is to get people out and about and over board as we move through the city.  This even will take everything we work on at the Stoke Clinics and bring it to the streets.  We will be roaming around and finding hidden gems, old skate spots, and new ways to move about taking the basics from the Stoke Clinics and expanding on those ideas.  This is a great event for more experienced riders, as well as for beginner riders looking for real deal application of skills and habits.  If you are ever wanting to attend the Broadway Bomb in New York City this even will be what gets you ready.  So come out and explore with us!

Facebook has changed the format of reoccurring events so make sure to follow our event feed on FB to get the most up to date info on dates, times, and locations of all our good fun and all our contests coming up.

So, if first Sundays are City Sessions, then what happened to the ICT Push Series?  The past two years of the Indian Creek Trail Push Series have evolved into something much bigger than a group ride.  We would like to introduce you to the Push Scouts.  As we have skated together, looked out for one another, and in general kept each other moving through hundred and hundreds of miles.  Last year was literally a 2,204 mile year…well, at least the miles we kept track of.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.04.34 PM

So this year we started this group of midwest area pushers to challenge ourselves as well as shake some things up.  We love skating the ICT, and that will still be a staple in our monthly pushes together.  Eric Rineer from Lincoln, NE has been coming to each push every month, but has still managed to grow his local push scene by skating and setting some local routes.  So for a few pushes we will be heading up to Nebraska to get some sweet distance in.  Now that we have opened it up we will be including our events that Push Scouts skate into the tally as well.  **Cough! Cough!*** Knob Noster Knasty!! and our 112 Mile Southside Pushes that rear its head a couple of times a year.

If you like to join our small merry band of “Do it for the challenge.  Do it for the love.  Do it for fun.” bunch of distance skating miscreants send us a member request, lets skate!!

Oh!  Let us not forget the return of King of Kessler.  This weekend is host to a Swap Meet/Pre-Registration/Night Session on Friday, King of Kessler on Saturday, and we wrap it all up with Green Skate the following Sunday.  Good times to be for sure.

We have so much more in store and planned for 2018.  Stoked to show you.   We are looking forward to skating with everyone in our community and another year of keeping as many people stoked as we can.

You Stoked Yet?

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