Roll for Peace Kansas City

On September 21st the United Nations established the International Day of Peace.  “Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.” , according to the day’s website at

So the rad dudes at Concrete Wave and Longboard for Peace are teaming up with the Shralpers Union and really just about anyone else to organize as many Roll for Peace events as possible all over the world from September 16th through the 21st.

As of the last flyer we saw there are almost 30 cities and groups all over the world organizing their cities roll.  There is almost so much going on that it could be pretty confusing to determine how you are going to roll, but no matter where you are at, there will be hundreds of people rolling for peace all about the same time.

Our Roll for Peace is set for September 17th, 2017.

There will be a group of riders from the local Chapter of the Shralpers Union doing a 112 mile ride linking up Indian Creek Trail and the Garry Holler Trail. This gives us several little windows throughout the day that people can get on the trail.
Roll Time #1: 6:30 AM -9:30AM
Indian Creek Trail Westward
We will be heading from Alex George Lake at 6:30am and heading West towards the Hampton Park end. Which we should arrive at real close to 9:30AM
Roll Time #2: From 10:30am to 1pm
Gary Haller Trail North
Starting at Sante Fe Road end of the GHT North through Shawnee Mission Park and up to the Kansas River by 1pm.
Roll Time #3: 1pm to 3pm
Gary Haller Trail South
After a little break we head back down through Shawnee Mission Park to link up with the ICT.
Roll Time #2 and #3 are easily accessed and skated via Shawnee Mission Park.
Roll Time #4: 3pm-5pm
Indian Creek Trail East
After linking back up with the ICT at Ridgeview Road we will head East towards the Missouri side.

We plan on meeting people on the trail and doing a live feed to our Facebook page of each group of people we come across.  In our minds we can’t help but envision sharing each groups message of peace to the world.

The world is absolutely mad right now.  There is so much hate, division, confusion, and pain.  Friends and colleagues are at each other’s throats, best friends tainting their final memories of each other with misunderstandings over a post on social media.  The whole world seems like it is hurting.

We don’t have all the answers to take away the pain and the hurt.  There most likely isn’t a catch-all solution, or magic button, or even a suggestion that fixes all the worlds’ issues and problems.  So what is there left to do?  What can you and I, and we and us do?

Come out.  Ride whatever. Bike, scooter, tricycle, unicycle, roller-skates, in-line skate, or of course your skateboard of choice. Bring your message.  Find us on the trail.  Let’s Roll for Peace.  Let’s send our message of love out into the world.  Think about it.  Instead of an endless feed of fighting, and pain, and hurt, let’s fill up the Internets with love, strength and hope.  Let us all join hands and move our bodies together with a message that empowers our neighbors and friends.  One day of intent, focused, loving purpose.  A day of High Fives and Positive Vibes.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t like or want, enable yourself to focus on what you love.  Instead of doing nothing but feeding into an agenda that is not your own. Take back the reins of your focus and intent to center around what you love.  The people you love.  The city you love.

See you on the trail.  Shralp It!  Shralp on!

Much love to local rad dude JJ Hulsey for drawing up our Roll for Peace flyer.  Thanks so much dude.



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