Catching up!!

On the upside of being as slow as we currently are, we are getting a lot of stuff done!!

“What is there to do?”, you may ask.

The past three years since we have moved out of the garage and into our happy little corner on 39th Street has amassed such a huge amount of media from all the goings on that we have been a part of our computers are maxed out.  So one of the biggest things that we are doing is going through all that media.  So when you see that video come out from three years ago, well, that is why.  So much skateboarding, not enough time left over to share.

As we are in our 5th year of operation we have settled into a daily regimen of learning and expanding our stoke capabilities.  As we have grown our little store has began taking  on more of our own flavor.  We don’t do things exactly like our big box cousins so we thought we would take this brief moment to further detail what to expect when you step into the store.

Our independent skate shop nature may throw you off when you step into the store, but here is a list of things to expect when you walk in the store.

We love visitors.  Your are going to get greeted.  Loudly, and proudly.

We will talk your ear off about every kind of skateboard that we have in our showroom, and then some.  We love to teach and share what we know to help you find the board to carry you on your skateboarding fueled journey.

We don’t have a lot of completes.  Not our bag really.   If we get a good deal we can pass down to the customer we will get them in, other than that we walk you through what you need to know so that when you set up the board it is for a reason.  Plus, are you kidding us?  We have so many more color options than black and raw.  Why limit yourself to one color?  One wheel style?  We work with you to ensure when you leave your board is ready to carry you and ride like it should.  We can set up any board to make you feel as stable as we can.

We are a family shop.  As in, our family is in the shop.  One half of the owners live right above the shop, it’s all that dude does.  If you get to us early enough in the day you may even get to meet Markie, Joe B’s daughter.  Around 1pm we take a lunch so that we can take a little mid day break, feed the youngins, and regain our strength and energy to ensure a fully charged shopping experience.  Other than that we are here from 10am to 9pm.

We are constantly skating.  The midwest has one of the most active and challenging to keep up with skating schedules you could ask for.  First Fridays gets a session, we close early.  First Sunday is the ICT Push Series which is getting a racier overhaul.  Second Sunday is the Stoke Clinic.  The rest of the Sundays have been, or are filled with events going off all over the midwest.  These are being thrown by guys and gals who have been skating with us for several years and who are expanding their own little corners of the midwest.  Another reason we are so backed up on media.  Wow!! Lot’s o’skating.

Our prices are what you would pay for through the companies websites.  We don’t jack our prices way up.  We just ask market value.  Mainly because we don’t need to price gouge, not very nice, and because we buy all of our stuff from ourselves.  Why on earth would we want to pay any more than we should have to.

So there are so many more things that set our little shop a part from other more corporate affairs.  We don’t use credit cards, we don’t have bank loans, our shop is all ours and the community that has helped to build it.  Stay tuned for more as we continue to get this thing built.

Thank you to all of our most excellent community for helping keep us around, and for helping us to build the best skateboards community in the country.  Much love guys.  We promise it won’t be as long between posts.  More media is on the way.  And yes, eventually you won’t have to come into the store to buy stuff from us.  We want to do things the right way first, so we appreciate your patience and support.



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