Weekend of Shralp!!!

So this weekend and the absolute fun to be had, has a several components that if experienced in their entirety should provide a really rad time, centered around skateboarding and our Kansas City community.

Night One : April 21st.  6pm-9pm 3rd Friday Swap Meet

A 3rd Friday tradition of ours is our Swap Meets in front of the store from 6pm to 9pm.  The idea behind this is to offer a place for people to sell or trade their unwanted, unneeded gear to other members of the community.

Everyone has a deck, trucks, or wheels that they either just didn’t like, have outgrown, or just don’t need.  Bring them to the swap meet and trade or sell them to folks.  I really talk this event up to several of my customers that are maybe on a budget and are looking to get really good safe equipment for a lower price.

This also gives newer members of the community a chance to talk with more experienced riders about why they choose the gear they choose.  Ways to set up what they have better, or ideas on how to get the most enjoyment out of the gear you no longer want.

So we aren’t just trading gear, we are enriching our community with exchanges of information from several different sources.  More knowledge is very seldom a bad thing.

Day 2:  April 22nd Kessler Park Shralpers Fest AKA King of Kessler Underground

9am- Gate 3

If you would like to volunteer or are volunteering, at 9am we will have a meeting so we can get people informed as to what is going on, how it is going down, and what they need to be doing.

10am Registration Starts

We will have our gazebos set up at Gate 3 for registration purposes.

What you will need:

$10 per segment, or $20 to compete in all 3 (5-Mile Push, Downhill Race, and FreeRide)

The funds will be divided up between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each division.  You might say that in this format the King would be the guy with the most money at the end of the day.

Because we are dividing things up at the event and handing it right back out please, please, please, please have cash on hand.  We will not be running credit cards.

If you are 17 or under, regardless of which class you compete in you will need to have your parent fill out and sign this waiver.   No waiver, no compete.  Real easy.


For the over achieving super bad ass groms (people 17 & under) if you would like to race in the big kids race then that option is available.  You must pick one or the other.  So as to keep things even with how the prizes get broken down you will not be able to compete in both.

Will have two raffles for a limited edition Noel Korman deck.  These will be $1 per ticket or 15 tickets for $10.  All funds from each deck will either go to the Adaptive Skate Kollective  or the local chapter of the Shralpers Union .

Did you know that Shralp Fest is a part of the first Union wide Roll for Noel event that is going on all over the world?  Each Chapter is doing their own thing but make sure to be near Joe B from 1:30 to 1:45 for our chapter’s Live broadcast of the event to the greater event page and later on to be included in a Union wide video.  Pretty exciting stuff to be for sure.  We will also be Live casting-as much as possible the finish line results through the day.

11am-  Push Race starts  5.25 miles and should be finished by 11:45 or so.

While the push race is going on the brackets for all of the DH races will be made.  Groms start the DH race by 12pm and then we go from there.  In year’s past we can normally get through everyone by 3pm.

After the DownHill segment is finish we then go on to FreeRide.

For the most part I don’t know that we have ever been passed 6pm leaving the park.


Day 3: April 23rd Green Skate 2017

10am- Meet at the shop.

We will go over the route, the safety stuff, and do some stretching to get us loosened up.

Green Skate is a world-wide event that we like to participate in.  Last year was a blast. Green Skate 2016

You will need a green shirt.  We do have Green Burning Spider Shirts that will be for $20 day of the event.  Supplies are limited so get them while we got them.  A helmet is strongly encouraged.

We intend to make this the most accessible fun event we can possible make it.  We wait for you at intersections and bottom of hills so there is no hurry at all.  We do a fairly flat 8 mile cruise through the Crossroads and some of the neighborhoods around there.  We normally stop by Penn Valley Skatepark to meet up for water, relaxation, and a quick rip in the bowl.  Make sure to bring your park set up with you so we can have our trailer car bring it with us and meet at the park.  From there we come back to the shop and the Snake Path for a chill session and picnic.  The Snake Path is two blocks from the shop and is easy enough for beginners, with much challenge to be made for advance riders.


That is the Weekend in a NutShell.  Please go to the event pages, let us know what questions you have, and we look forward to hanging out and playing skateboards all weekend long.

Thanks in advance to all the volunteers, and huge thanks to everyone that is going to come out, have some fun, and play skateboards.  With out all of you none of this would be possible.

You Stoked Yet?


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