How Do You Send Out a King?

So in case you haven’t noticed.  We do things a bit differently.

We don’t have a super fancy flashy, please read into those particular labels as much as you want, website. We use a lot of words.  But, as it is on the web, so it is in the shop.  We love to talk skateboards.  So please bear with us as we offer an explanation as to why King of Kessler 4 was canceled and offer an alternative more in our style.

There wasn’t anything wrong with King of Kessler.  It took a lot of time as organizers of these events will attest.  It takes a lot of funds, also a known.  But we think it doesn’t have to.  My favorite events aren’t about “community”  they are the community.  They are as grand as the participants make it.

Take in point the current state of the Broadway Bomb.  Some don’t know if it is still going on, some don’t want to risk it.  But for it to survive it had to go back underground.  It only survives as long as it’s traditions are kept sacred and happen at the same time every year.  You can’t do that over the internet, it takes people staying connected in real life to keep alive.  I assure you, it is still alive. 3rd Saturday in October, 12pm, 116th and Broadway.  No one owns it, it can not be stopped, as long as people show up.  You will not find it on Facebook, the people who want to stop it use that.

Here is the nasty nuts and bolts of it. Time.  I haven’t had the time to organize a danged thing.  This led to not getting the insurance in time, but before that we had already ran out of time with the city.  So any chance for getting a sanctioned, insured, hay bailed, port o pottied, trophied, awarded, t-shirts would have been rad type of level event isn’t really in the list of things that I can organize.  That and the realities of keeping the lights on and such.

So how can I say I don’t have time for KoK4 but I put another event up in its place. Kessler Park Shralpers Fest

We are going to be at that hill, on that day anyways. We don’t need a permit for a session as it were.  So here is what we propose with this event.  Come and skate.  We can still do a contest.  How about this?

You have a couple of options.  $20 for all three contests. 5 mile push, Downhill, FreeRide.  Or $10 for contest.  All the funds go towards the place holders.  Divided up between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Grom (17 & Under) Intermediate Downhill, Advanced Downhill,  Freeride all in one.  You groms can rip just as hard and better than some of the older dudes, so I know you guys can keep up.  The contest is really only to provide structure to the session basically.  Bring to the gathering what you want to make of it.  We still want to have some cool stuff to raffle off to raise money for the Adaptive Skate Kollective so don’t forget your dollar bills.  There won’t be any hay bails, or port o potties.  Come and skate, have some fun.  We want to instigate some fun, not get bogged down with rules.

Don’t forget about Green Skate the next day as well.  That is going to be a swell time.  All in all we want this weekend to be filled with skateboarding and skateboarding with friends.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support, we hope to see you at Shralp Fest, we hope to skate with you out and about.

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