Good Times Videos 1, 2, & 3

Well it only took us 2 years to finally get to editing videos we took way back then.  It is in no way timely, but it really serves as an awesome reminder of how far we have come.

Here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving.  A holiday to remind ourselves of all that we are thankful for, and it seems to reflect on all of the rad stuff that has been going on this past year.  In this case two years.

Editing these videos was really interesting.  It was really cool to see people who are still skating, but maybe only just started being a part of the community back then.  So the level of progress that has occurred is dramatic.  Not even just the progress of the individual riders, but the progress of the community.  Any group has people coming and going depending on an endless number of reason and things that happen in life.  The people that are still around, have become more than just dudes we see at sessions.  Each person has grown, the community has grown, but not just grown in raw numbers, grown together.  We have learned more about each other, and I feel have grown closer together.

Good Times Video 1

This video highlights several goings on in the shop.  National Go Skateboard Day 2014, a 3rd Friday event opens things up.  The cool stuff with those videos is to look at the walls.  It seems just about everything but the Scribe piece on the wall has changed.  Things are much fuller looking now, and some stuff isn’t even close to what it was back then.

This video also showcases Co-Owner/Rider Joe B and Joey Stoll on an early session at Kessler Park.  It also has a few pretty raw runs at Pleasant Valley Skatepark on National Go Skateboard Day.  Several riders where in this chunk of videos.  We had appearances from Joey Guzman an Xack Creason from that day.  You can see Co-Owner/Rider Billy Angus and Joe B in the back ground here.

I think we had just really started filming stuff around this period.  The really cool thing will be with future more recent edits to see the progression of riding in those same spots since then.

Of course we can’t forget Eating the Hotness Part 4 is also a the very end of this video.  This will be a 17 part series that we are tacking onto the end of most of our videos, the first 3 are already out in the world.  These tell the story of Tim Ducos and crew as Tim tackled the Spicy Burger Challenge at KC Smokeburger.  Tim actually eating the burger will be its own video, with a few other aftermath videos wrapping up the series.  These are really fun bunch of silliness that I feel adds some flavor to these videos in particular.

Good Times Video 2

This video kicks off a hill that even though while we where filming was bright and sunny, nasty dark clouds soon rolled in.  So we never got anything else filmed on it, and actually I don’t think have been back to it sense.  Which is a shame the road was nice with some rad corners.  It is one of those dawn patrol hills that are best hit way early in the morning.

Then the video goes to the second push we did on the Indian Creek Trail.  Back then we only had about 40ish miles of the trail discovered, and didn’t skate with the off foot at all.  We also skated the trail opposite of what we do now.  Back then we started on the Kansas side in Hampton park, then skated to as far as we thought the Missouri side goes, then back to Kansas.  This made us skate pretty much uphill after we skated the initial stretch mostly downhill.

Joe B was nursing and injured knee, and still trying to keep up with Billy Angus and Javid Hill through a pretty flat section on the Missouri side of the trail.

Eating the Hotness Part 5 graces the finish, and this one is relatively short.

Good Times Video 3

This video is all about our first Stoke Clinic.  This was the beginning.  Before it was just like, “Hey dudes let’s go skate Kessler.”  We had a few new people back then, but the people who where coming to the clinics in the beginning already knew how to stop, how to stand on a board.

We started things off with just a 5 mile push back then, now it is a two-hour 10am start!!

These are people who for the most part still skate, and have progressed so much.  We have crew riders on here before they were crew riders.  Younger Matt Rowe, and his dad still taking pictures.  You could see Tosh Newton, Tim Ducos, Scott Wagner from STOLEN Skateboards (Still a Stoke Clinic staple  Much love dude).  We had Leila Alpural, Sexy Ben Cochran, Xack Creason, Billy Angus, Jacob Boyd on his Sidewinder trucks, Mike Noah, Joey Stoll and the beginnings of his blunt slides and stale fishes, and so many more people.

Man!  The set ups have changed, the people have changed, but the one thing that is still the same is coming together to learn, grow, and have fun on skateboards.

Eating the Hotness Part 6 is on the end of this.

I believe that, unless we find more footage buried in our computers, these will probably be the last of the Good Times videos.

Next up on video releases brings us squarely into 2015.  Those videos will be the highlights from our push across Missouri, as well as Joe B’s 108 Mile Dawn To Dusk videos.  Which should all culminate with this year’s Broadway Bomb footage, which is sure to be silly, and fun.  We also will have a pretty rad Getting Ready 2016 edit that will have some footage from Oklahoma’s new Pump Track.  As we finish these edits up, then it will be about taking what we have learned in these past couple year’s of shooting and continue to make the videos smoother, and more fun.

I don’t think they will ever be exactly like every other video that is out, but it will for sure have our flavor, and hopefully get you stoked to go out and skate.

Editing, and watching these videos really makes me appreciate the people who we have skated with the past couple years.  The stories that we have been a part of, the lives that we have influenced and been influenced by.  It makes me really thankful that we can do what we have done, and met the people we have met.  It makes me hopeful for what the next two years may bring and the stories that we will have to share.

For all the people that are in these videos we love you, if you don’t skate anymore, we miss you, but we still love you.  I hope that when you watch these you will remember fondly these Good Times.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Much Love



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