November!!! and YSY? Friday

Some may think that November would be a month in the Mid-West where maybe the skating scene would start hibernating.  Here in Kansas City at least, if it’s dry we are ripping.

This month has already seen our monthly ICT Push Series go off.  We had more people participate in the push this month than any other month.  Fred Hoover became the oldest person to complete the 25.5 mile push, with a solid showing.  A few more pushes and I bet he will be the oldest person to complete the 51 mile portion as well.  With only one more month left for the series this year the Push Scouts have logged over 2000 miles this year as a group.  We now have Seismic Skate Systems supporting the year end dinner we are going to be holding so next year is lining up to be even more epic. We still have one more push to go (ICT Push Series 2016 December) and the scouts are stoked!! Tune into the event page to see how the year shakes out, and make sure to subscribe to our event feed on FaceBook to keep up on our events as we announce our 2017 series.

The Stoke Clinic for November was HUGE as well.  We had at least 40 people show.  This ranged in skill level from never stood on a board before and wanted to get started all the way to more advance sliding, and hill bombing practice.  Heck we even had the largest turn out ever for the 10am push we do to help get people started on long distance pushing.  It was by far the most epic of Stoke Clinics we have put on.  It seems each one is getting better and better, bigger and bigger.  We still have one more clinic for the year (Stoke Clinic December), and next year’s start is just around the corner.

What about the rest of November?

This Friday, November 18th we have our monthly Swap Meet.  What is so cool about these third Friday events is it gives people a chance to meet face to face, exchange not only gear, but knowledge about the gear.  Not everyone skates the same, so what may not work out for one rider can still work for another.  This gets people together to talk about the gear choices they have made, why they are changing it up, what they are going to and why.  This rad little event brings people together to Buy, Sell, and Trade to their hearts content.

This month we have an extra special guests.  There are two local board makers in town.  Deciduous Board Co and Young Guns Longboards, and both of them are going to set up a pop up event to show us what they got, and talk skateboards.  A most excellent group of local guys.

The big thing after that is YSY? Friday.  So previous years the overwhelming response to traditional retail Black Friday Sales tactics fell flat.  To be more specific there is absolutely no point at all for us to be open.  None!

Look we get it.  We are not in a mall, thank God.  We aren’t a corporate run shop, thank God.  Most importantly we are not beholden to anyone or anything else other than the people that support the shop and the local community.  The world being as it is means that the past 3 years of epic Black Friday sales have accumulated to next to 0 dollars in sales.  I ain’t mad, heck I don’t even have any hurt feelings.  This means we are free to do as we wish.  We are not constrained by the typical “Buy, Buy, Buy” mentality.  Our customers get it, they understand the role that our little store plays in the community so silly sales tactics put on by the rest of the corporate world really isn’t our jam.  Quality skate gear doesn’t need to be shoveled down our throats, or fancy adds to entice non-sustainable purchasing behaviors.

YSY? Friday is our answer to the screaming masses of sheep lined up at midnight to spend their money away on disposable “Deals”.  It is our call to arms to not be a part of a system of mindless purchasing drones with no thought as to where their money actually goes, or who, and what it supports.  Shop local, does not mean, shop at your local big box retailer.  The money you spend at a locally owned business is investing in the communities that you are a part of.

Starting 12am on November 25th is YSY? Friday 12am.  This is an outlaw race taking place real close to the shop.  At midnight we will get everyone that can handle the 35 MPH mile long route signed up and brackets set.  We will then head to the hill, and as stealthily as possible skate the heck out of a sweet, smooth, fully grip able, draft encouraged hill.  There will be a beginner bracket as well, starting a little lower down the hill.  For those that participated in last year’s Halloween event you will be familiar with where this hill is located.

After a winner has earned their prize everyone can go home and rest up for the second event of the day.  YSY? Friday 10am.  This will be a path race down the Snake Run a couple blocks from the shop.  So show up at the shop at 10am when we would normally be opening up.  Let’s get the brackets set, and then off we go.  Same deal as before.

Right after that is the grand finale of the day. YSY? Friday Slide Jam.  This will take place at new location.  The address of which will be revealed at the finish of the 10am event.  Make sure you are there so we can let you know where to go.  So, come out and skate the day away with us.  It is sure to be a super great time.

Shop will not be open.   3 events one day!! Be ready to get your shralp on!!



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