Broadway Bomb Weekend 2015

Every year since 2012 we have visited New York City to participate in the oldest outlaw longboard race in the world.  The Broadway Bomb captured our attention after the record year (2011) brought around 2, 000 riders from across the world to skate through the streets of Manhattan.

Since 2013 we have flown into New York via Laguardia and skated from there to our favorite shop in New York Uncle Funky’s.  We only bring with us our skateboards, and what we will need for the weekend.  Since last year there was a pump track put in near the Williamsburg bridge in Brooklyn.  As this was on the way anyways of course we had to stop and give it a few rounds.

Broadway Bomb 2015 Day 1: Push from Laguardia to Manhattan

When we come to visit we get to stay at Ray Korman’s house.  Ray is the father of late great Noel Korman, founder and front man of the Shralpers Union.  These guys are our family and they roll out the welcome matt every time we come to town.

There is so much that goes on for the 4 days that we visit that it is super hard to keep track of it all.  Lots of skateboarding, and lots of catching up on what has been going on since we were in town last.  Sure we call them when we are in the city, but something about bieng face to face brings back all the memories of the past and it turns into a really great visit.

Friday nights for the past few years we go back into the city for Uncle Funky’s Pot Luck on the Pier.  This is a pretty chill little get together, all the tribes show up.  Of course the rest of our Shralpers family shows up, but we also get to mingle with the Bustin crew, and all the other groups of friends that we have made over the years.  It’s pretty nice to catch up with everyone.  The feeling this year made me remember why we got into this in the first place.  The people who come to skate the broadway bomb from all over the world are some of my most favorite people I don’t get to hang out with all the time in the world.

It’s like a mini-family reunion.  Sure you get to keep up with them a little bit over Facebook, but it isn’t anything like giving them a high-five in person.  You get to celebrate the past year’s achievements and stories, and get brought up to speed on what the next year has in store.  You get to share a loose meal with all of these people who have come to brave the busy New York streets in an event that is turning from a “longboard race” to a skaters family reunion.  There are new kids each year, some that have never even been to the city, so you get to share with them in what to expect.  Maybe some tippers on how to approach Times Square and not get thrown off course.  You get to hear the OG’s tell stories of their past bombs.  You get the locals beta on what the cops are going to do this year.  The connections are so real, it’s super hard to describe.

The next day is the actual Broadway Bomb.  It doesn’t cost any money, you just have to be where you are supposed to be at the right time.  (This article isn’t the place to discuss those details however).  12pm Noon and off we go.  This year we took a different start that had us and the rest of the Shralpers Union jamming down a side street to avoid the police barriers that were set up to block us from our goal.


Broadway Bomb 2015 Day 2: Broadway Bomb 2015

We all meet up at the park for the awards ceremony, and to gather everyone up.  Make sure all our group made it through.  I don’t think that I have ever skated from beginning to end without getting separated from the main group.  Times Square seems to be the shuffler for sure.

The Sunday following the bomb is reserved for Uncle Funky’s Style Sessions.  This is early morning, like 8am.  Or maybe it feels that early because Saturday night tends to run into Sunday morning…..good times either way.  This year Joey Stoll even got 2nd place!!  It is such a chill fun event at a legendary New York spot, that you can’t miss it.  Every year it is a must.

Broadway Bomb 2015 Day 3: Uncle Funky’s Style Sessions


Much love to all our Shralpers Union family.  You guys are more and more the reason we come back.  You are what makes the Broadway Bomb feel more like a family reunion than a skate contest.  You all have made this a skater’s Burning Man, and we are very fortunate to take part.

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