#shareyourspot something new

We want 2016 to be the raddest event riddled time in Kansas City history.  One of the common things I hear from people when they come in the shop is this new spot they skated, or this spot that is close to home, but maybe the next set of towns over, maybe the next state over, but a little drive. So it doesn’t get skated by anyone except them.  The hidden gems, that are classic elements of a skate playground, but so far out that only a hand full of people have ever skated it.

On the other hand you see these spots in local edits.  Hills of glorious curves, chundery masterpieces waiting their time before being repaved.  Tucked away favorites that haven’t been shared before.

In an effort to bring the community together and get some fresh places to rip and ride we have an event we are calling #shareyourspot.  People submit their spots they would like to share and host a session at.  The submissions are converted to a poll on the events page, and the winner gets a prize, recognition, fortune and fame….ok, well maybe a lot of high fives at least.  We do have a little prize pack we will be putting together, that part is real.

Also after the skate we will do a quick pick up of the trash along the road or park.  We aren’t wanting to crash spots, we are wanting to spread the love!!

I hope to see some of you out and about, the first one of these events is Jan. 31st.  Check out our events pages, both on this website  or on our FaceBook event feed.

You Stoke Yet?


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