24 Events for 2016!!!!!!!

This year was most excellent, you guys did such a rad job of putting up with our crazy we wanted 2016 to be filled with as much stoke filled skating as we could possibly put in it.  So we are committing already to these 24 events.  These are just the ones that we know we are for sure going to do.  There are still another 28 weeks of possible events…just on the Sundays!! You Stoked Yet?

One of the new events we are adding to the monthly grind are the I.C.T. Push events.  These are going to be really fun way to work yourself up to big miles, and have fun doing them.  More details to come, but we can say there is going to be a reward at the end of the year for the amount of miles you push.  It is going to be pretty cool, but will take a whole post to cover everything so I will save that for later.

We are looking at hosting FreeRide Sessions as well as working with the local Chapter of the Shralpers Union to work in some Downhill events too.  Heck most likely going to be trading them off, one week we do one, next week the other.

Make sure to subscribe to our Event feed on Facebook, or at least on the web page so we can keep you up to date on all the rad stuff we are putting on in the Kansas City area.

Shralp it!!

Calendar of Events

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