Where Does the Money Go?

Where does you money go

Of course after laying this all out and talking about it I discovered this isn’t even all the things we are doing.  The organizations we support that build the community like Adaptive Skate Kollective, or Helmets In Hands are also a part of this.  We encourage and help other people with product or service ideas to develop those ideas so that they can support themselves as well as contribute to our growing community.  We aren’t a big shop, but we have a purpose.  That purpose is tough to communicate, and we still have a long way to go, but I hope that this at least shares a bit of what it is we are building.

I feel the need to share this.  Not to brag, but to highlight our mission.  What it is we are actually building in our small little corner of the world.  We aren’t the only ones though.

I think if you look at this, if you even go so far as to take a specific company out of the equation, this is the ideal of many small business.  It’s not just a mom and pop saving for retirement.  When you choose maybe a little more work, maybe a little more expensive gift that is quality.  Your money doesn’t just stay with one company.  It travels, gets stretched, repurposed to build and support the small little parts of a community that store is a part of.

Those dollars go to building an ideal that is above a single business or person’s individual gain.  These small shops like ours are portals into micro-communities that span age, gender, ethnic back ground, religious inclination, political affiliation, or any other label you could put on a group.  These are the small things that give a neighborhood it’s personality, and it’s city it’s soul.

If you want to be connected to a city, any city, shop small.  Talk to the people greeting you, ask them about their business.  Find out about the people the business pulls in.  An adventure of cultures and ideals, not to far from your own await.  People that believe in what they are doing, and what they are building are waiting to lift you up.  We are the spice, the flavor, the broth that holds the ingredients together.  Our dish is our portrait, our art, and our gift.

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