Stoke Clinic June

Every month we set out to hold what we have dubbed a Stoke Clinic.  The purpose of these clinics is to give a single day in the month dedicated to instructing as many people as we can.  Not matter what the skill level is we wanted to foster the idea that the fastest way to improve one’s riding is to get out and ride.  We have riders that come out who have just started, maybe even never stood on a board, or who are more advanced and want to work on techniques that only further their riding.

No matter the skill level everyone has a great time and move a little further on their journey to more fully enjoy the sport.  We set out to make it as non-pressured advance at your own pace doesn’t matter what you are working on open supportive environment as we can.  Newer riders get a chance to talk to more advanced ones, more advanced riders get an opportunity to grow their scene by teaching, as well as reinforced the collaborative spirit that we have fostered in Kansas City.

This month we even set up a really rad cones course and as the day progressed and the course was dialed in we even ran some heats in a casual race through it.  It was challenging, but accessible, but over all it was fun.

Scott Rowe came out and took pictures and as always killed it with the images that he captured.

Stoke Clinic June

Join us for July’s Stoke Clinic, let’s progress together.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our FaceBook event’s feed to keep up on everything we are setting up and events that we hold.

Until next event, Skate Safe and High Five!

A picture of one of the Heats through the cones.  Photo Cred: Scott Rowe
A picture of one of the Heats through the cones. Photo Cred: Scott Rowe

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