Stoke Challenge Day 23, 2015 Clarification, Dedication, and my Path

Day 23, 2015

Today was a pretty chilly morning.  That combined with a +50% Humidity meant the morning ground was just juicy enough to convince me not to skate in the morning.  Had some pretty rad dreams and stuff on my mind, so as a part of my lunch I went to the bank, then just kind of wandered around on my board.  Went to one hill, skated it with some colemans to break in my Free Ballin’s some more, then went over to Castle Corner to work on some stand up 180s in both directions.

I would also like to clarify some of what wrote about yesterday.  I received a few questions, and feel that I might have come off a little bit less positively than I had intended.  So let me hit you with the rest, to bring up that vibration a little bit more.

It isn’t that I don’t think I am good enough for anyone to sponsor me, I think that I would represent any company well.  I feel that if anything I am more stoked that I am building something that I can sponsor myself with.  Think about that.  So many skaters want to get picked up by a sponsor, get recognized, and live the dream.  Me, I am living the dream.  I have my own shop that I run with my best friends.  I don’t have to ask anything else to believe in me and how I can represent them to sell more product, because I believe enough in myself to start my own company and bust my ass every single day to make it better for me and the rest of the riders on my team.  My skill may not be in skating, as I feel I have to work way harder than everyone else around me, I can sponsor myself because I do have a shop that is represented by what I do, and how I do it every single day.  My skill is in running this business, and pushing what I think is true, pushing what others think is true, and really finding it all out for myself.

This leads me to my dream last night.  I only remember blurs, but it was like a bunch of them all around me.  I could feel myself pulling and pushing to free myself from it all.  Not thrashing per say, but just pulling and pushing to get a better view of what was around me.  I didn’t feel threatened or scared, I just knew that I wanted to get out of whatever was holding me back.  As soon as that connection was made, I woke up.  Wide awake.  All this stuff that I don’t have a problem with, but I let distract me, I let it hold me back.  I know that we all need to relax and have down time, but I am talking about stuff that we allow in to our lives that don’t help us in any way other than distract.  When those distractions become habit, that is the issue.  We all have the same 86,400 seconds in a day.  Now obviously we need sleep, but what advances you is in maximizing each one of those seconds.  Me, it is time to stop jacking around, have some full conscious fun.  Going straight edge, fully awake, fully alive.  Much Love all.

Stay Stoked

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