Stoke Challenge Day 22, 2015 Working on some Technical

Day 22, 2015

Today was non-stop from the moment I woke up to just right now.  It was a media frenzy day, I was posting pictures, videos, edits, posts all over the place.  Jacob came by the shop and filmed himself gripping his Five Mile Widowmaker, and I was slinging stoke like a monkey……we doing what monkeys do….if you know what I mean….splat!

So when things finally died down I promptly went to start-up my timer and head outside for a little Front Yard session.  I started out with the usual toe-side pivot, heel-side 180 or check combo and then went to working on 180 No Complys.  I saw this video and they boiled it down to three easy steps.  Individually sure the steps are easy.  The fun comes when you put them all together.  I was muttering the steps to myself, so I imagine all the passersby where giggling or avoiding contact from crazy skate guy counting to three over and over again.  I eventually switched to Bert the Bhangra and I feel like I got more progress on that set up.  The super corse grip on Calypso (Loaded Cantellated) kept grabbing my feet when I went to step off causing lots of falling.  Bert had way more pop, so my next bit of fun was finding just the right amount of pressure for step two, so that it wouldn’t fling the board out in the street, or hit the random people walking by.  Didn’t land it today, but hey I have like 300 plus days to work on it, so no rush.

So far this year’s challenge is coming along really smoothly.  Easing up the writing every day has made the challenge less challenging, but much more enjoyable.  It is a double edge sword really.  On one hand breaking down the day’s progress really helps me asses how effective the session was, and communicates goals and successes much better.  Not doing it, means that I have a little more time to do other things after a skate, and feels less like a job, more like fun.  The here and there method I am currently using is the best of both worlds I guess.

I started my own athlete page as well. Joe B, give me a like if you want to keep up on the more day-to-day stuff.  Mostly because it helps out one of the projects that I am on this year better communicate who, what, and all that sort of stuff better.  I guess I have given up on the idea of another company sponsoring me, and so an athlete page just seemed kind of not needed.  However, as I continue to add content to it I can see how much fun it is to have a separate little place for just my skateboard life.  Even thought that is about all I do now friends and family might not want to see every session that I post up.  So the separation is nice.  I don’t want anyone to misunderstand the “given up” thing, I know that I am not the best, but man do I work hard, so if it happened I would be pretty stoked.  I have the skater list of companies that I would like to ride for, but really I don’t need to ride for them to rep them.  If I like them, I am going to talk them up, I don’t need to have anything back, so riding for my own shop is a pretty good thing.  I do a lot of that, and really I am just stoked to be here and able to do what I am doing.  I get to pump people up on the daily.  I have a bunch of my friends who ride for the shop getting picked up by companies, and I get to share that with them.  I don’t know that it can really get any better, or that it needs to, but I am going to keep on working hard.

This year it feels more like I am doing the challenge the right way, skating to skate.  Getting better happens when you get out and skate, work hard at it, focus, and keep it fun.  Done, done, and done.

Stay Stoked dudes

Joe B Out

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