Stoke Challenge Day 17, 2015 There may be some set up talk

Day 17, 2015

This morning it was 38 to kick the day off.  So before the shop opened I got to go to Penn Valley and work on some skatepark/bowl action.  Even though the wind kept things a little more chill than I was hoping, I was still in shorts, a long sleeve, and a short sleeve shirt and was pretty comfortable.  I managed to get in almost 3 miles just jamming around the park and bowl.

I have been riding and changing up my Rolling Tree Nimbus for a few months now and every little adjustment seems to be improving the feel of the board.

Background info.  When I skated a standard board I really wasn’t super used to it, didn’t really care much for how it felt, so my “Street Skate” perspective is severely warped when it comes to setting up a big double kick like the Nimbus.  I have it set up with some old Surf Rodz IndeeZ TKP’s, Riptide 95a Fatcone board side, 90a barrel road side.  Random bearings that rolled, pretty sure there are a few different brands in there.  I had purchased and subsequently attempted to ruin a set of Seismic Boosters 97a when I had worked on some tech slide set ups a few years back.  They have a slight flat spot that should roll out, just have to put up with the slight clack when I am rolling.  In my previous set ups with this deck I had been using some old 65mm Nord on Boards wheels.  The difference in these two wheels is pretty amazing.

I went from pumping super hard to keep speed in the bowl to getting vertical on the deep end and being able to pivot effectively.  Part of this may have been working the bowl a lot more, but the harder wheels even with the flat spot where much more effective of a choice to skate for that situation.  I was pretty stoked at my progress on this form of skating.

Bowls are the one feature I can say are a primary factor in my interest in skating.  I am pretty stoked that I now feel confident enough to start really learning how to skate them.  Seeing old videos of the Z-Boys, the OG Bones Brigade guys rip it in a bowl jams in my dreams on the regular.  By the end of 2015 I plan on being able to drop in and be proficient at bowl riding.  It is going to happen for sure.

Stay Stoked

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