Stoke Challenge Day 15, 2015 When is an hour not an hour?

Day 15, 2015

Finally got to skate outside today.  Just putted around the Front Yard, and worked on breaking in my Free Wheel Company Ballin’s in more.  I inadvertently rotated my wheels, properly.  Which is awesome, but dang if the new “Back” wheels for sure were gripping the rough concert of the Front Yard really well.  It wasn’t until about 2 hours later that I finally got the full hour in.  I had to keep pausing for random stuff.  People looking for jobs, and skate business in general.  As the day wore on I was starting to doubt that I was going to get it all in before it got cold again.

I got it in though.  Had a lot on my mind, and the stopping and starting didn’t really give me the clarity that I was looking for.  Wheels finally got broke in towards the end, and my head cleared up with everything moving like it should.  Wasn’t a solid hour, but a frankenstein monster hour, with a little piece here, and there.

It was good to get outside, this weekend is going to be great.

Stay Stoked

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