Stoke Challenge Day 13, 2015 The Craziness that goes on

Day 13, 2015

Two weeks of shralpy raditude dudes, ok tomorrow is two weeks.

What have I learned?  How is it going?

It is going awesome!  My calves are burning from all the balance board workouts.  An hour a day, even on a balance board has started to make all the right muscle groups start to get sore.  I think I have built up enough recovery that I can heal up most of the way, but I know it is just a matter of time before every day is going to have to start in some stretches.  I know, I know I should be doing it now…..but I still have a little bit of last year’s lazy hanging on.

I am really looking forward to this weekend.  It is supposed to be sunshine and 50 plus, so I am anxious to get in a 51 mile push in on the Indian Creek Trail.  Maybe do some Dance practice after to get in a little lighter bit of skating in that I can be a little more social with.  Really looking forward to it to be for sure.  Hopefully as long as the weather works out I can get in a little bowl sesh in on Saturday morning before the shop opens.

I’ve been working in a different head space as of late as well.  The changes in the Shralper’s Union are starting to settle out, we have some really rad people who care for it running it, but it is still a bit different finding my place in the group again.  It feels like I went from a leader in the group to just another dude, but that isn’t a bad thing.  The whole of the Union is filled with really rad stoked out dudes, so we will get it figured out.  I have to learn that just because someone asks my opinion on something doesn’t mean that they are handing over the reins.  I guess my natural tendencies are most likely playing with the ol’ego  monster and making it seem like it isn’t.

Kansas City’s scene though, man I am really pumped.  We have such a great variety of people to skate with, I want to skate with everyone.  Mix that with the variety of terrain that we have and it wouldn’t be hard to believe some good stuff coming in the near future out of our little town.  Maybe it is the ego monster again, but I really think we have some great up and comers, and some great potential.

It has really motivated me to work harder (some might say that isn’t possible) to really develop our scene here locally.  I want to work on different contest formats, mini-comps, slide jams.  I want the shop firing on all cylinders so that I can take care of everyone.  I know it will take tame, but man  I can see the possibilities in my head, and I get all stoked up.

Stay Stoked

Joe B

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