Stoke Challenge Day 6, 2015 Not so bad

Day 6, 2015

For day 6 I got to skate with another stoke challenge participant, Jacob Boyd.  After the shop closed, and I crammed some food in my mouth we bundled up and took off to skate the little one mile-ish route that I had planned out last year.

According to the temperature on Endomondo it was 23 out.  We got to it and got done right as the first white fluffy flakes of snow started falling.  It was a good push coming in at a little over 9 miles.  Jacob and I kept pace pretty good.  I am always a little hesitant to crank it full on when I am showing someone a route I use, and especially at night with mad people driving around on cell phones and crap.  Still 9 miles in 1 hour isn’t a bad pace.  We had a real good skate, and didn’t feel the cold at all until we got back in to realize our toes might be on the frozen end of things.  A little time and they where back to their warm state.

I was thinking, as I always tend to do on the push, about his year’s challenge.  It is my third attempt at skating an hour a day for all 365 days of a year, and this year is for sure being attempted at a different head space than the previous years.  In my previous two attempts, the end goal was to skate all 365 so that I could become a better skater, and that happened even though I didn’t complete the previous two attempts.  This year however, I know that just by getting out and making myself do it I will become a better skater.  That is no longer a goal, it is the result of just doing it.  This year I am way more motivated to just do my hour and enjoy the hour, than to cram it full of expectations.  Not that I am not going to be pushing it hard on my hour skates, but because I am not focused on the end, I am here and now, I am enjoying it a whole lot more than the previous attempts.

Is that the secret?  Will this change of attitude make the 365 doable?  I guess time will be the ultimate teller of tales, but with the newer looser, relaxed, do it and have fun attitude of this year I don’t see why not.  I am a little obsessed with finding deeper meanings in just about everything I do.  A HSP trait, that now that I know why I do what I do, I can enjoy a lot more.  Isn’t that it?  Shouldn’t that be how it is?  Every day I wake up, and eventually end up down stairs to open the shop.  Everyday has its own unique challenges, difficulties, distractions, but if I can harness what I have learned from the Stoke Challenges I can take that attitude anywhere.  I can take the Stoke Challenge mindset that I am in and bang out some rad stuff for the shop, and just enjoy being here.  Some days are tough, only natural, but by coming at it with the open mindset to be here.  I mean right here, in my head as well as physically.  I can accomplish so much.  Just by showing up, and doing everything I can for the day I can go to bed, stoked for the next day, and stoked for the day that has been.

1 week in as of today.  A 7 degree skate awaits me today, and I am pumped.

Stay Stoked

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