Stoke Challenge Day 3, 2015 First Balance Board Day

Day 3, 2015

I already had figured that today would be a balance board day.  This morning everything was wet. I actually got up on time with some help from my wife and a pot of coffee.  I didn’t really know exactly what I would get into with 1 hour dedicated to the balance board.

I started off on the big box, and worked that for about 30 minutes.  I worked toe side, and heel side rotations just a quarter turn at a time.

After the box I actually took the El Dorado rock that I was using and switched it out for the Zippy.  One of the most underutilized things that I have found in a balance board progression is the use of the other rocks.  Zippy is the beginner rock, lower to the ground, wider contact patch, not as easy to flip out on you.  Flow is the middle child.  Keeps the same size rock as the Zippy, but it takes off some of the contact patch, as well as taking away the ends that keep a person from leaning to far forward or back.  The El Dorado is the biggest and most advance rock currently available.  It is taller, rounder, and way easy to rotate up onto you toes and heels.  This movement takes a lot of work to get stable, and I still am not there yet.

So I switched to the Zippy because I started working pretty hard on my 360 pivots using the balance board.  I also started work on dropping in( I guess that would be the best way to put it) starting the rock on the outside edge of the tail, then with a fast, heading to vertical, kind of hop motion drop in so that the rock goes from the outside of the tail to the rail.  Didn’t quite get it figured out, but like most things on the Vew-Do system progression comes with patience and time.  That little move is going to be pretty rad when I get it dialed in.

Also I filmed most of the session today.  I know, I know.  “Joe, why would you film it?  You always film stuff, but never put anything out.”  Yes this is true, I have a little bit more relaxed plan with this though, and I have been working on my video editing skills.  We will see.

Stay Stoked

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