Stoke Challenge Day 2, 2015 But the Kittens are Purring

Day 2, 2015

A, B

Do to me being really comfortable in bed this morning I didn’t quite get up early enough to skate the full hour.  Most of my logic, like my standard, “It is really warm under the blankets, with kittens all purring around me.” , is really starting to not work.  It worked enough this morning for me to get a 41 minute/4 mile push in, but my own excuses are wearing thin.  At 32 degrees with a 10 MPH wind I have skated on several recent occasions with a long sleeve, a t-shirt, light jacket, pants rolled up to shorts (AKA Carson Rolled), and the usual shoes I can skate really comfortably at the park, or as I found out this morning cooking down a hill at 25 or so MPH.

So what is my deal.  Could be some laziness still.  I figure after more than 2 days of doing the challenge the new getting up early enough to skate habit should be in place, but man sometimes it is hard to do when the kittens are all purring and being sweet.

I picked up the remaining time skating the Front Yard  after lunch this afternoon.  I skated it on a style of board that I am really making a big effort in learning this year.  A Rolling Tree Nimbus.  This is a really rad 36″x9.5″ double kick that the nice people at Rolling Tree put together.  This board took me a minute to get set up properly.  I am using some old Surf Rodz TKPs from a couple of years back, combined with some RipTide bushings (95a Fatcone BS, 90a Barrel RS) and some gajanky Nord board wheels that I am pretty sure where my first set of longboard wheels ever.

Not sure exactly what it is about this style of deck or style of trucks or what it is that in the past has escaped me.  Maybe I just wasn’t ready yet for the unique challenges this type of deck presents as far as skate style goes.  Or maybe I just needed to get to a point that I can build myself up to push it the way I have the past few times out.  Had a good time, worked on my usual toe side, to heel side slide progressions, then started working on nose manual to g-turn up the bank that make the Front Yard.  Probably going to dream about those moves for a few days.

I am glad I got my skate in early.  Looks like tomorrow it is going to be a balance board day, as right now the rain has started.  Boo!

So that is day 2.

Stay Stoked

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