Stoke Challenge Day 1, 2015

Day 1, 2015

Third time is a charm right?  Here we go again.  I think that with the previous year’s failures, combined with 2014’s huge learning leaps, that I should be able to complete.  I already know there will be days I don’t want to, there will be days that it will be so easy to just give up.  That will just be a part of the journey.

This year I am going to use an application called Endomondo.  Pretty neat little workout tracker, that has skateboarding as a part of the program.  It will track my course, time, distance, max speed (that is very seldom accurate so I don’t really pay close attention to it, as well as a few other factors.  I will post a link to the workout page on Endomondo so number fiends can get all the crazy tidbits if they so choose.

Today’s session had Joey Stoll, Xach Creason, Mike Abbot, and good ol’ Brandon coming back for 2015 getting back on board.  Also going for a second year attempt and who showed up for the skate today was Jacob Boyd.  Last year he got injured on Day 7, so as long as he makes day 8 he will be beating last year.  My high score was 160 days in a row, set back my first time through in 2013.

We started out gently working on some free ride at Kessler Park.  I wasn’t too sure about how much my fresh ink could take as far as clothing rubbing on it, and me twisting all around and stuff.  I feel though that I did make some progress, so that is a hell of a way to start the year.  Then when Mike showed up we went for a little 5 mile push.  Good day, right at the freezing mark, but sunny so we didn’t have to bundle up a whole lot.

Stay Stoked.

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