2015 To Stoke Challenge or not to Stoke Challenge?

In 2013 I came up with an idea to improve my skating and challenge myself to improve my skating.  Photographers do a similar challenge, where they publish one picture a day for 365 days.  The result is that even if the photographer doesn’t make it all the way to the end, their skill will improve.

So we came up with the Stoke Challenge.  The original idea was to skate at least an hour a day, every day for 365 days.  2013 was the first and best year, I completed 160 days straight before and I allowed and injury to stop forward progress.  2014 was a whole 60 days.  I got all caught up with getting our new storefront set up.  Both years I gained so much knowledge about myself, and my skating really did well too.

So why am I second guessing going for it again for 2015?  Third try is the best right?  2014 really taught me a bunch about myself, and I guess the biggest reason I hesitate is because I want to focus so much on the shop and the scene I don’t want anything to get in the way.  Typing it out, seems kind of ridiculous logically.

2015’s challenge will be more encompassing.  There is a lot of habits that I would like to add some more discipline too, and that maybe lies at the core of the issue.  This Challenge gets me out of my comfort zone, I have gotten comfortable. ( Hmm another point for doing the challenge.)  How good, how dedicated, how encompassing do I want to take it?  I have failed twice, why not go for a third.  Travel wise it is still work able, work wise is super work able.

F it!  Let’s do this then.

2015 Stoke Challenge.


Every day in 2015 I will skate at least 1 hour per day.

I will post up the lessons or thoughts for the day on this page under the Stoke Challenge 2015 heading.

I will make a FB group so other people can share their stories as well, and support one another.  Not an easy challenge.

Rainy or nasty not skate outside days I will work on balance using a balance board.  If it is dry, I go outside.

Either way I will post each day before midnight what went down.

So there you go.  Stoke Challenge is a go.  Good luck.  Stay tuned, get ready, Get Stoked.

Starts Jan.1

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