Burning Spider Stoke Company Shirt Press

We recently started raising funds to get our own shirt press on Indiegogo.com.

Burning Spider Shirt Press

We are wanting to raise money for this press for several different reasons.  Instead of making you wade through countless paragraphs we are just going to list out all of the things we intend on doing with this press and how it will help us towards our end goal.

1) We have a bunch of shirt ideas, too many to buy large amounts of a single design.  When we own the press those designs will have a much faster turn around getting to the market, as well as the ability and flexibility to stay in stock without having all our limited funds tied up in shirt inventory.  This keeps our money going back to stocking all your favorite hard goods that will keep you stoked up and rolling.

2) We would like to host press clinics and how-to’s for those people interested in starting their own brand.  People signing up for the program, will help us from beginning to the end.  Giving the people helping us first hand knowledge of why, what, how many, and what type of clothing that a core shop is able to sell.  For people wanting to start their own brand this will give them first hand knowledge that will lead to being able to service core shops more effectively.  They see how it works, and the process from as many different angles as possible.  Imagine a clothing brand that understands how a shop works, and the advantage that knowledge will lead to.

3) We have been wanting to do a local Kansas City Longboard Community shirts for a long time.  Low cost on doing these allows us to do more, and experiment more.

In our original plan we where going to wait until 2016 to do this.  However we know that getting it done for 2015 will allow us to make it an even better year than we have already had.  We will get to print up shirts for our two big events, and maybe even some for the smaller outlaw events that we are going to be hosting.


The Mystery High Five is wearable.

Thanks again,

Joe B.

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