Letter to my competitors.

Stokemas! What a holiday. Here is some food for thought for all my small business friends and family out there. ” Competition. Internet business’s taking all my local business” It is really easy to look out a window and point out 50 different reasons why your business, why my business isn’t doing well for the holidays. Some of them legitimately may be competition. Is that what you are focusing on? Are you so into the 99 reasons your shop/business is failing that you aren’t motivated to work on it? Are you spending all your time crying about it in your head that you aren’t actually doing what you love to do. That is unless you love crying, in which case please keep crying and don’t read the rest because I am getting ready to tell you to stop.
Big business, bring it on. These are the guys with more resources, more “power”, these guys have made it. What do you have that they don’t? As a company gets bigger it can no longer do certain things as effectively. It is harder for it to make a local impact, it is harder for it to give a personal feel, it can’t care because by nature they have risen above needing to. I am not mad, I am not jealous. I am motivated. I came from that side, and without it I would not be the manager/business owner I am today. I know what the weakness are. I also know what the strengths are. The way to overcome them, they way to stay alive is to work your asses off. Bottom line. If my business fails it is because of me, my team, my decisions, my focus. I am better, I will stand by it 100%. I believe in my team, my plan, and my passion. I am confident. Maybe that is why I choose to focus not on what I can’t do, but what I can. I see what the competition is doing and I am taking notes. Teach me some stuff, then let me show you how to really do it.
It is tough, seeing all the rad stuff people are posting up on your local community page that they bought from other people. I still get that kicked in the balls feeling, but I have started looking at that. What are they buying? Why? Is there anyway to compete with it? No? Ok, so what can you do? What can I do within my business to compete? It’s frustrating, living on Ramen and PBJ, but damn if you look at what you have and really enjoy it. Make yourself stay positive in that struggle. Life is hard, when I stop fighting and rising above, then just put a bullet in me. If my friends and community doesn’t want to support everything about your shop, then you have to fix it and work on it, and make it so that the only choice is your shop. I have to work harder to make that easy to click, cheaper item harder to purchase. Not because I hate the competition, but because the competition is doing their job, and I have not done it well enough yet.
If you have not inspired your community to help you with your mission, then they either don’t know what the mission is, or they don’t give a shit about it. So are you going to focus on people who don’t give a shit? Or are you going to do something about the people who do? Are you going to take care of and provide the absolute best that you can for those people who spend a little extra to help you buy fancier peanut butter. When they come in are you going to complain about that company that screwed you over, made your job harder. I know I did, and have. Lessons are hard learned some time.
Thank you to the companies that have screwed us over, and thank you to the people who have chosen not to support us. Even though our feelings are hurt, I am gong to use the lessons you provide as a bench mark for more work to be done.
For the people who do back us up, for those that feel what we are going to accomplish, and for those that have stuck with us, and brought us up from the garage to where we are, I really thank you the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For those that spend the extra little bit, even though money is tight, I love you all, and am going to focus on what we can do, not what we can not do yet.
You want to be in business for yourself, then embrace all that it is. Get on the P.U.S.H., dry those eyes give your families something to fight for, watch the giants do what they do, then do what you do to the best of what you have. I don’t know who said it, but “Fight until your hero’s become your competitors”

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